Breaking news: Iceland tops the list of countries with the least corruption within the public sector, according to an organization called Transparency International. For a long while it has been
no. 2, right behind Finland, and last year it shared 3-4 place with Denmark. This year – top marks.

I noticed the BBC wasted no time and logged onto the Weather Report via the google search ‘corruption in Iceland’. Which means they probably landed on my Baugur report. Oh dear.

The little Danish heir-to-the-throne went home from the hospital today with his parents. [Iceland of course takes a particular interest, having been a Danish colony until about 60 years ago.] Which prompts me to confess that if I were not a happily cohabiting woman I would probably have a crush on his father bigtime. Why? Well, first he sheds tears at his own wedding [yes I have a soft spot for men who show their feelings, yes yes!] and then, when he picks up his wife and son from hospital, he does not arrive in some stupid chauffeur-driven limo – he drives his own SUV like a normal and well-adjusted person. Very very cool.

Would you like to see a picture of my lunch? Here:

Doesn’t that look good? I decided to forego my normal fare of… toast for lunch, because we had a whole bunch of cod chins leftover from last night. Because AAH has suddenly developed a seriously pubescent aversion to them [eeewwww, cod chins, I’m not having any!] which is her loss and just means more for us. So – sauteed cod chins for lunch today. Yu-um.

Right. That’s the contents of the YT brain in this time and place, ladies and gents.

Sort of gloomy, if the truth be told. We don’t complain as long as it isn’t windy – which it is not, so we’re not complaining – and it’s still very mild – for us – meaning 10°C. Went out for a run earlier and it was really low tide, so you could almost walk the 300-or-so metres out to the rocks where the seals hang out. There’s one seal that looks to be the Big Daddy of them all and he gets fatter and fatter by the week – I swear, I’m starting to think he’s a walrus. Anyway, sunrise was at 08.27, sunset due for 17.57.