Had a serious case of Techno Blues yesterday. So serious in fact that the laptop had to be carted off to the shop so all those supernice Og Vodafone techie people could operate on it. Which they have – and now everything is hunky dory except for one thing – every couple of minutes there’s this infuriating little window that pops up to merrily inform me what my signal strength is. And evidently my signal strength changes every few seconds because IT POPS UP CONSTANTLY and blocks my view of any document I happen to be working on. And to be perfectly honest I couldn’t give a RAT’S ASS whether my signal is Good, or Very Good, or Excellent. Okay?!!


I’ve discovered that it’s amazing how much you can get done when there’s no computer in the house. I’ve also discovered that it’s kind of like having a missing limb. Like when, say, you lose an arm, apparently you can still feel the arm and sometimes you’ll make a move as if to use it. Well, that’s approximately how I felt last night. Always heading for the computer, only to remember, oh right! It’s with those supernice Og Vodafone techie people for the night, oh bless.

Went to the the swimming pool and dozed in the sun. Went home and had a bite to eat and then went to a movie with EPI and two of the girls. Sat through the first half hour of Sin City and decided that it was the most vile, disgusting excuse for a film I had ever seen in my life so I leaned over to EPI and said sorry, I have to leave now. He couldn’t very well leave seeing as how he’d been promising his daughter he’d take her to the movies for days so poor EPI had to suffer through the whole soul-crushing ordeal that is Sin City while YT blithely strolled home in brilliant sunshine, surrounded by happy, smiling Icelanders and a bunch of overdressed tourists. Once home I actually ironed two separate garments and mended one hem and called my friend G. on the phone just to talk. Then watched a full BBC documentary about the London bombings while a load of laundry was doing itself. [By this time EPI and the girls had returned home and we’d had nachos for dinner.] After dinner I managed to sort out a shelf that had been accumulating both open and closed envelopes for weeks on end, and even to open the envelopes that were still closed [mostly bills]. Then I hung up the laundry downstairs and put away two loads that I brought up. Finally, to top it off, I was in bed by 10.30, actually reading A Book.

And that was just yesterday. Today I headed out early to Penis Mall to buy my favorite shade of MAC lipstick that I can only buy there, and checked out the sales but found nothing. Then headed downtown and ran a whole bunch of errands, including picking up tickets to see Emiliana Torrini tomorrow [Icelandic songstress, lives in UK, wonderful]. I also made good on my promise to myself to buy her latest CD and let me tell you it is so lovely. Finally I met my friend L. for lunch and we sat outside in this amazing weather we’ve been having lately and she told me all about her recent trip to Canada [I.am.jealous].

So… was life really like this before blogging?

It has been tremendous these past two days. I kid you not. Gorgeous, and so warm – well, we call it hot, but you overseas lot would doubtless call it warm. In any case, the freckles have returned to me face and everybody’s happy again. Current temps in the capital are 17°C, the sun came up at 03.56 and went down at 23.20 and you’ll be pleased to know that my signal strength is Very Good.