I’ve always marvelled at those ‘100 Things About Me’ lists that people post on their websites. Primarily because I always think I could never find 100 things about myself that other people would find very interesting. Or even 50 things. Even 20 would be pushing it.

However, I do reckon I can come up with 10 interesting /shocking /amazing /marvellous facts about myself that might be of interest. And here’s the deal: I saw a cool twist on the ‘100 things’ idea over at Denise’s blog a while back. It’s like this: I post a bunch of things about myself that are true, and one that is false. And it’s up to you to figure out which one is false.

So here goes. I give you ten truths, and one untruth. Ten points – no, eleven! – goes to anyone who figures out which one is a lie.*

1. I owned my first property by the time I was eight.
2. I started living on my own when I was 16.
3. My first boyfriend did time in prison while we were still together.
4. I once worked in a restaurant owned by Dan Ackroyd.
5. I used to live in the next apartment to an erotic phone business.
6. I studied acting at one of the top theatre schools in Canada.
7. I have a mixed race child.
8. I was once the victim of a purse snatching on the London Underground.
9. I dropped out of university four times.
10. I once took both Ian McEwan and Graham Swift here.
11. I spoke Greek as a child.

Your votes please!

Very overcast and very gray, but I didn’t mind because it was kind of dramatic, as opposed to just – dull. For instance. When I went out for my run earlier along the seashore, there was a very heavy tide and while everything was gray – the sky, the ocean, the paved cycle path along the shore, the rocks… the waves had gorgeous white caps on them and off in the mist there was a fishing vessel sailing in to shore with all its lights on. It was like a painting. Plus it was mild and gorgeous running weather as there was hardly any wind. Not for long though, as a storm has been registered on the charts. Temps are currently 3°C and sunrise was at 10.16 and sunset at 16.11. Oh: famous people alert! Meg and Jack from the White Stripes. Gave a concert here in our very own Smoky Bay** this evening.

* Those of you who know me well are automatically disqualified!
** What Reykjavík really means. Reykur = smoke. Vík = bay.