When I go out for a spin on my bicyclette, I head west along the seashore and soon encounter this:

This is a traditional old hut used for drying fish, which was one of the common ways of preserving food here in the old days. This hut is still used for that purpose, as your nose will generally inform you a good 100 metres or so before you get there. The walls are not solid but are made of wooden bars, allowing the air to blow through.

Typically I’ll stop for a drink of water at a water fountain located where I am standing to take this picture. Oh, and see the mountain across the bay? Which looks faaar awaaay on the photo but isn’t really? That’s our friendly Mt. Esja that EPI and I climb to the top of every summer, at least once. Just to prove we kick ass.

… glide about 50 metres to the west, and see this:

That’s the little island spit known as Grótta, which is an island only when the tide is high, as pictured. You can even see the electrical poles in the water, which are not submerged when the tide is out. At those times you can also walk over to the island and skulk around the lighthouse, which is especially great when there’s a lot of wind and the waves come crashing in on the other side, because if you don’t turn around you wouldn’t know you were anywhere near a city.

The only times you cannot go over there is from May to July, since the birds need to have peace to do their nesting thing.

So we head south. Pretty soon we’re back in the residential area, and what’s the first thing we see? This sorry pair!

… This gives AAH the heebie-jeebies. They remind her of Night of the Living Dead. The sculptor who makes them actually lives across the street from us. She’s is currently exhibiting more of her work in NYC… as if the Big Apple didn’t have enough zombies!

Don’t mind EPI in the background there, all decked out in his Mountain Equipment bike kit, atop his fancy-schmancy Cannondale hand-made-out-of-aluminium-with-joints-all-smoothed-out blahblah. He’s a bit of a fanatic, EPI. When it comes to the bike thing.

Today’s weather was pretty much like yesterday’s, as pictured. Temps currently 7°C. Daybreak was at 04.09 and nightfall at 22.45. Yo.