I’m getting slightly concerned. For my own mental health. When I could [I won’t say should because I think that word is the Devil’s tool for making people feel guilty] be posting deep insightful exposes about What it is Like to Live in Iceland I DO NOT do this but instead hold forth about insignificant things like the Vagina Monologues or stupid English-language signs found on Black Forest campsites or Polly losing her head.

In between, I watch stupid TV. Which in turn gets regurgitated into blog posts, like this:

What do you suppose is happening on that picture? [Yes it is a picture of my TV screen. Taken of the TV show I was just watching. Which had Eddie Izzard on it being positively respectable next to the nonsensical antics of the Icelandic comedians. Which were actually pretty funny though.]

This is actually a picture of one of the Stupid Icelandic Comedians [SIC for short] doing an experiment.

[And here a wee bit of background is required. In the Reykjavík city centre – which isn’t really the city centre anymore but I guess could be called the old city centre, there’s the Tjörnin lake, which really is too small to be a lake, but too big to be a pond. It’s got ducks and swans on it and over the last few years, what with global warming and all, this colony of geese has sort of taken it over because they’ve stopped flying south for the winter and instead just live the good life in Reykjavík getting fat on all the bread fed to them by Icelanders and their children. Now, these geese are a greedy bunch, make no mistake! I used to take AAH down to the Tjörnin when she was little, but boy, if she were little today I sure wouldn’t risk taking her there because I’d be afraid that the horrible greedy geese would gobble her up. I refer in that regard to a story that actually happened a few weeks ago, where a woman took her child down to there and a goose ate their car keys. And they had to leave their car at Tjörnin and take the bus home.]

Anyway, back to the Experiment.

In theory, geese are afraid of people. And yet presumably, the greed of the Tjörnin geese would override their fear of people. The experiment consisted of testing this hypothesis. So these SIC guys taped slices of bread to the one guy’s body and sent him off into the throng of geese [unfortunately not pictured here] to see if they would come and eat the bread off his body.

And they did.

Temps have started to drop and are currently 2°C. It was overcast earlier and pretty windy today, really a pretty bleh! kind of day. But it cleared up later in the afternoon and the sun even poked out from between the clouds and YT set off for a brisk walk to imbibe some oxygen but didn’t get very far because it was windy and the waves were crashing over the embankment down by the shore and basically I just didn’t feel like walking in the Damn Freezing Cold. Meanwhile, the day gets longer and longer and it’s light pretty early now – daybreak today was at 7.16 and nightfall at 20.01. Smashin’.