Hasty posty this evening – because it’s not even evening it’s proper night and this is the first free bit of time I’ve found all day to indulge my blogging habit and me eyelids are getting just a weeee bit droopy.

Just want to send a big TAKK! to Sigh Club for making the Weather Report their current featured site. You people rock!


(I’m getting a bit behind on the Yule Lads, I know, and all I can say is Damn Good Thing I’m not having to sneak in and deposit prezzies on their behalf. ‘Cause I’d have a lot of tap dancing to do when it came to explaining. So we’ll just pretend it’s not past midnight, ok? Ok.)

So anyway, the Yule Lad of the day is Bjúgnakrækir – Sausage Stealer. Name says it all. This dude crept up into the rafters, snatched the smoked horsemeat sausages and ate them. (‘Holy Crow, Mabel, did she just write horse meat?’ ‘Yes, she did, Arthur – does that mean those crude and boorish Icelanders actually eat horses?’ ‘Why I guess it must, Mabel! For the life of me, I can’t interpret it any other way.’)

Somebody pass me my medication, please. Thanks.


Is not currently available, it being past midnight. I can tell you though that the sun probably set at 15.29.