My sidebar’s gone AWOL. It’s not even dropped to the bottom of the page, as it’s been known to do on previous occasions. It’s just totally vanished. Also, the post at the bottom of the page has been chopped in half.

Do we have the Wrath of the Sellafieldinians? Is that what this is? Somehow I would have expected something a little more sinister, but then what do I know.

Help! Anyone?

[Update: Wouldn’t you just know it? Eh? Isn’t it just typical! I bitch about the sidebar being missing – which it well and truly was – and bingo! it appears out of nowhere, just to make me look like a lunatic. It’s those sinister Sellafieldinians. They’re out to discredit me, I know it.]

As I was sitting at my computer yesterday, tap-tapping an email to a friend, what should suddenly land in my inbox but an utterly irresistible offer of a six-day trip to Portugal at the end of May. Now, YT has a real soft spot for Portugal, finding it eminently civilized and the people extraordinarily friendly, free of all the ‘damn-tourists!’ type arrogance that you might find in, say, Spain. In fact, for the past two years running, EPI and I have gone there for two weeks in May – sans kids [nice].

All aflutter, YT immediately called EPI. But alas, EPI can’t travel on those dates because he has to work. Hm, but school lets out for the summer the previous day, soooo… AAH and YT are heading to Portugal at the end of the month for a six-day bask in the sun. Yowsa!

Managed to see two movies in two days this week.

First, Hotel Rwanda. MY GOD. I do not recall having been so utterly strung out by a movie since Dancer in the Dark, although you can hardly compare them because they’re very different, plus Hotel Rwanda is based on Something That Actually Happened [and what a horrible Something it was]. Honestly, that movie took all my emotions and wrung them like a washcloth. [In other words, it was intense, powerful, superb.] This film won the audience’s selection award at the Icelandic Film Festival, and it’s easy to understand why. If you get a chance to see this movie, DO. It will knock your socks off.

Then, completely different, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I’ve not read any of the books, so I had no idea what to expect. Not a big fan of science fiction either, so I went in with slight reservations. Unfounded: I had such a good time! The whole film was so refreshingly original with such marvellous humour – and it was a lot more British than I thought, which in my book is a good thing. I had a big grin on my face the whole way through – when I wasn’t barking with laughter, that is.

Incidentally! Kudos to the wee town of Patreksfjörður [pop 900], on Iceland’s West Fjords, which believe it or not is having the WORLD PREMIERE of the new Star Wars film in their teeny-tiny cinema, on 18 May. May the force… and all that.

Windy but mild, with lots of drizzle. Current temps are 8°C and daybreak 02.38, nightfall 24.09.