Took The Unit in for an oil change this morning and instead of biding my time in a foul-smelling garage waiting room, I decided to take a walk along the seashore next to it. As it happens the sun was just coming up [it was around 11am] and as luck would have it I happened to have my camera with me.

Despite this area being a mere 10 minute walk from my home, and despite it being among the most beautiful in Reykjavík, I very rarely go there. Possibly because I’ve got another quite beautiful area practically on my doorstep, or perhaps because I’m such a creature of habit – I take the familiar route every time.

Be that as it may, along this shore is an incredibly charming and quaint cluster of fishermens’ huts. They were in use until fairly recently – a couple of years ago – and just a few months ago there was a push to tear them down, as they were considered unsafe, particularly in a storm [i.e. they could very easily blow away and injure someone or something in the process]. This met with considerable protest, with the result that a few of them have been left standing. Personally I’m delighted – I just love them.

Here are some more* [and if you click on the photo above, you can view even more with Flickr]…

Fish drying…

If slightly cold. It was around -5°C this morning when those photos were taken, and it’s -4°C now. A gorgeous day, and Thank God for the sun, which came up at 10.48 and will go down at 16.56.

Apropos to yesterday’s post – I see on that OECD has calculated that Iceland is in sixth place over countries with the highest GDP/GNP [Gross National Product] in the world, after Luxembourg, the US, Norway, Ireland and Switzerland [in that order].

I also see [apropos to a post a few days ago] that the current levels of small-particle pollution is above the stipulated safety level today. So don’t let all that pristine nature on those pictures fool you. [Boo.]

*Incidentally, if anyone knows how to stick tags from Flickr in here so that more photos show up on the blog, not just the first one, please let me know!]