Today EPI and I were walking to the store when we chanced upon this:

Now what, pray tell, were all those neatly-stacked empty plastic containers doing in that bus shelter, with not a soul within a 500-metre radius? Were they left there by a benign Tupperware fairy? Were they waiting for the bus?

‘There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.’ – Shakespeare.

‘WTF?!’ – YT

Need I say it? Brilliant sunshine, winds from the north. It’s getting pretty damn tiresome, I tell you, particularly as I have this whiplash injury and if there’s a cold wind it acts up most horribly and right now my neck is killing me from days and days of accumulated whiplash pain. [Poor, poor YT.] No matter how tightly I wrap my neck up in a scarf, when there’s a freezing cold wind from the north it manages to get through. And now I cannot wait for my massage in two days time, which hopefully will provide some relief. To say nothing of the sand and sun in southern Portugal that awaits in exactly one week, and which will cure all my whiplash pain in one fell swoop. [Yeah right, wishful thinking.] Meantime the brilliant sun came up at 03.41 and went down at 23.10.