Sushi. Put together by AAH. She’s been assigned cooking duty once a week, in an effort to differentiate her from any happy-go-lucky guest enjoying a stay in a 5-star hotel. Part of the deal is that she gets to pick what’s for dinner, and tonight EPI and I are the happy recipients of raw fish and miso soup. [Wasabi paste! Sinus burn, wah!!]

It is particularly fortuitous, therefore, that YT should read about a brilliant new invention in the paper this morning. Seems someone has come up with eyeglasses with removable arms that can double as sushi sticks. Eat sushi where you want! When you want! It’s as easy as removing your eyeglasses! Shame that YT doesn’t wear glasses, but surely an invention as brilliant as this will soon appear as sunglasses. Surely.


It has suddenly become mega-busy in the English translation/copy editing/freelance writing business. There are lengthy periods where work just barely chugs along, verging on the absurdly slow, facilitating long leisurely hours of blogging and surfing, and then bam! suddenly the whole damn country needs English language texts NOW! Which highlights yet another facet of the Icelandic national character – doing everything at the last minute, needing everything yesterday. A nation of stressaholics we are.

Consequently, this morning YT was little miss busybody, furiously hammering at the keyboard, yadayadayada-ing on the phone, until it was time to STOP! and go off for my bi-weekly massage. Aaahhh… Topped it off, as always, by heading to the Laugardalslaug pool and submerging self in a fabulous outdoor Jacuzzi (see pic here). It was freezing cold so the steam was dense over the water, making you feel like you were totally alone in a strange alien world. Was nice. Fabulous, in fact. And now what I want most to do is to crawl in between the covers and have an extra-long snooze. After imbibing said sushi, of course.


Super-chilly, and exceptionally beautiful. One of those clear, still days where the sun casts a gold hue on the white snow and the shadows colour it blue. Temps currently -5 degrees Celsius; daybreak was at 9.42 and sunrise at 10.47; sunset was at 16.30 and nightfall at 17.35.