When I go out for my run along the seashore, I very soon encounter this:

As you can see, this is a perfectly demure little seaside-park-type thingy. It was put there last year, and quite a lot of work and precision went into it. I know, because I witnessed the proceedings every other day when I went for my run. First they cut out that large circle, then laid the cobblestones one by one. Then brought in those three benches [yes there are three of them, it’s just that one’s hiding behind the middle one], put up the garbage bins, and the posts for chaining bicycles, and that map of Reykjavík with the all-important YOU ARE HERE dot. And then they planted trees around, that with time will undoubtedly provide some welcome shelter from the summer heat [NOT!].

Right. Nothing wrong with it so far.

Except they just… didn’t pay attention to… one little detail.


This. Is what you see. When you sit. On one of those benches.

And it is? A sewage purification plant.

And behind the sewage purification plant?


Incidentally, that is the only little park-type-thingy on that whole stretch of coastline. And it is behind the sewage purification plant. And it probably cost a few hundred thousand crowns to construct.

Does the mind boggle? Indeed it does.

Have I ever seen anyone sit on one of those benches? No, I have not.

Lots of gorgeous sunshine and somewhat warmer than it has been. A bit of a chilly breeze [fromthenorth] though. EPI and I went and lounged in the sun poolside this afternoon and what a treat it was. Current temps are 7°C and the sun came up at 03.39, went down at 23.13.