YT is a bushed little beaver this evening after working exceedingly hard today. Finished up two fairly lengthy editing assignments on two separate magazines, which took the whole day and was really intense, then went to a meeting and came home to find that EPI had bought some fabulous food and was about to prepare one of our fave dishes – salmon filet baked in the oven with a garlic, ginger and chilli sauce. Which was scrumptious as usual and now my mind is on the fritz and I shall presently find self in a semi-vegetative state in front of the telly like a typical suburbanite [only I don’t live in the ‘burbs thank God ‘cause I think they’re the devil’s wasteland and a cesspool of festering dysfunction. But then that’s just me.]

Incidentally, AAH dragged herself off to school today with eyelids drooping. It was the morning after her first formal, from which she returned back home on an ecstatic flipped-out high – because she’d had such a FABULOUS time, and everyone had told her how GORGEOUS she looked [she did] and everyone was so NICE to her and all these hitherto unapproachable people were now her FRIENDS. And this morning everyone got to skip their first class and when they arrived at school they were immediately herded into the auditorium where they were treated to a jazz concert by the Reykjavík Jazz Trio, who not only are amazing musicians but are also incredibly witty and clever and fun. Just to wake them up. How genial is that??

Ach, nothing clever to say about the weather today, on account of my mind being on the blink. It’s mild and it rained some and temps are around 4°C. And daybreak was at 6.48 and nightfall at 20.25. Happy Friday!